Coconut Pieces

coconut oil

Coconut Oil

The tree of life.

Coconut oil murni yang didapatkan dari Filipina sering sekali disebut 'Tree of Life' karena sering digunakan sebagai bahan makanan juga untuk produk kecantikan. Meski banyak sekali kegunaannya, kami menggunakannya untuk memberi kelembapan yang luar biasa.

Coconut Oil

For coconut oil, keep it local.

Through our partners, all the coconut oil we source comes from local farmers in the Philippines. The ideal way to harvest this oil is when these farmers gather each fruit and press the flesh only once to extract the virgin oil at its highest point of quality.

Coconut Oil

What’s so good about coconut oil?

You might have noticed coconut oil all over the beauty aisle. That’s because it’s known for its supreme moisturising properties. All of our in-shower formulas, yes all of them, are infused with virgin coconut oil, and are specially designed to replenish and nourish your hair and skin.

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